Centre 4 Zero Waste & Development in Africa in Serenje, Zambia

Centre 4 Zero Waste & Development is an organization based in Serenje, Zambia that is dedicated to promoting sustainable waste management practices and environmental conservation in the region. The organization works towards achieving a zero-waste society by implementing strategies such as recycling, composting, and waste reduction.

The Centre 4 Zero Waste & Development has a strong focus on community engagement and education. They work with local schools and community groups to raise awareness about the importance of waste management and environmental conservation. The organization also offers training and technical assistance to individuals and groups interested in implementing zero-waste strategies.

In addition to their waste management efforts, the Centre 4 Zero Waste & Development is also involved in a range of development activities in the Serenje region. They work on projects related to sustainable agriculture, water management, and renewable energy, all with the aim of promoting sustainable development and improving the quality of life for local communities.

Ng’answa Road, Civics Center, Serenje, Zambia
+260 965 607960
 Centre 4 Zero Waste & Development in Africa in Serenje, Zambia
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Centre 4 Zero Waste & Development in Africa
Climate change
Skills training
Policy and advocacy
Zero waste advocacy
A non-profit organisation that has been actively engaging the general public, the private sector, organisations, policy makers and local government in sustainable zero waste strategies and climate solutions, urgently addressing the challenges that waste management systems in Africa face. Since its establishment, The Centre for Zero Waste and Development in Africa (CZWDA) has so far trained more than 1000 teachers, local governments, parliamentarians and community leaders in zero waste solutions and climate change. The organisation has further engaged about 120,000 pupils and students to be active environmental agents in their communities. Their CEO, Mr. Billy Lombe is a Member and on the African board for 'Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives' and 'Break free from plastic'. He is also a member of IPEN.