Ox drawn Automatic Seed Drill

Ox drawn Automatic Seed Drill

Ox Driven Automatic Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill - Model: DAE - OX - 5X10. - Details: 5 Teeth – 10 Pipe, Double Hopper Model. - No. of Rows: 5 (Five) Also available in 3 To 5 Rows. - Row to Row Spacing: 9 Inch Standard & Adjustable in 2 Inch Ratio. - Length of Mainframe: 75 Inch. - Hopper Capacity Approx in Kg.: For Seed – 6 Kg. For Fertilizer – 8 Kg. - Weight Approx in Kg.: 70 Kg. - Which Seed for sowing: Wheat, Ground-Nut, Cottonseed, Castor, Maize, Cumin seed, Soya been, All types of Grains, Cereals & Pulses seeds.

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