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Banana Blend

Banana Blend

Fertilizer · ETG Inputs Zambia Ltd
The blended fertilizer delivers nutrients to the banana crop according to what is needed as it is nutritionally balanced while alleviating deficiency problems. Suitable for Bananas and Palm trees as a top fertilizer
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The benefits of Banana Blend

Banana does well in hot, frost free conditions. Optimum temperature for growing is 22ºC. Lower temperatures retard growth and delay maturity. Well distributed rainfall of 2,000 to 2,500 mm or irrigation is required for successful Banana production.

Deep and rich well drained loamy soils with good water holding capacity is ideal for Bananas. Soil with a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5. Popular Banana varieties are Dwarf Cavendish, Williams, Robusta, Lakatan and Gros Micheal.

In order to obtain a great yield, farmers must ensure that their banana crop is well-managed and fertilized. This in turn, can lead to a yield of about 4 to 6 tons per Lima.

Banana blend is a top dressing blended fertilizer for bananas which is usually applied at 100g per plant every month. It has a Nitrogen (N) ratio of 12, Phosphorus (P) ratio of 3 and a potassium (K) ratio of 22.

The blended fertilizer delivers nutrients to the banana crop according to what is needed as it is nutritionally balanced while alleviating deficiency problems. Banana blend just like other blended fertilizers has many benefits;

  • They increase soil fertility levels
  • Better water and nutrient holding capacity
  • Helps stabilize pH
  • Improves soil structure – aeration
  • Increase micro-organisms in the soil – efficient nutrient uptake by plants
  • Introduction of organic micronutrients, Zinc, Boron, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese and Calcium

Fertilizer Programme

  • At planting - Apply MAP 200 gm /station – mixed with compost in the planting hole.
  • 30 days from planting - Top dress using Banana blend 100 gm/plant- broadcast around basin and fork in the soil.
  • Top dress using Banana blend 100 gm/plant-broadcast. Apply Once monthly up to month 7
  • Top dress using Banana blend 50 gm/plant- broadcast once weekly in month 8 and month 9
  • Restart the fertilizer cycle soon after harvest when the old plants have been cut down to promote the growth of young suckers.

Management Practices

  • Weeds compete with plants for nutrients and space; they can reduce yields by more than 25%. Keep the field free from weeds at all times.
  • Forking must be done to support plants that are heavily burdened with fruit bunch.
  • Bagging of fruit bunches with blue plastic bags that are open at the base protect the fruit from insect damage.
  • Scout the field for pest and diseases once weekly. Nematodes and Fruit flies are common Banana insect pests while Mosaic virus and Black rot are common diseases.

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