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Food processing businesses in Zambia

With vast tracts of fertile land, excellent rainfall and large rivers, Zambia has the potential to become the bread basket of Africa, with agriculture as a major export industry. Food processing in turn can add value to farm produce, and utilise surplus fresh produce which might otherwise go to waste. But currently food processing as a commercial activity is in its infancy here.
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Cure Chem Zambia Ltd image
Cure Chem Zambia Ltd
Food and beverages chemicals
Cure Chem Zambia supplies chemicals of the highest quality suitable for the manufacture of food products including flavours and preservatives for human consumption. Their range of chemicals are sourced from reputable manufacturers and conform to all the relevant international standards.
Vetlab image
Food safety and standards
In order to help clients identify and manage risk in their businesses, Vetlab offers microbiological food safety testing to food processing companies. Through professional dually qualified auditors, they provide a comprehensive internal food safety audit service. At their South African office, Vetlab offers food safety training. Courses offered under food safety training cover a wide range of accredited and non-accredited subjects. For your convenience, you can complete the courses online, at a public training venue, or on-site at your premises.
Freddy Hirsch image
Freddy Hirsch
Food ingredients
Do you run a meat processing company? Freddy Hirsch manufactures and supplies a wide selection of ingredients for various products including boerewors, braaiwors, burgers, meat mixes, biltong, droewors, salami, cabanossi, bacon, ham, vienna, Russian sausages, polonies, loaves, brines, marinades, sauces, rubs, sprinkles and seasonings, breadings and coatings.
Yalelo image
Processing and Distribution
Lusaka +31
Yalelo's quality organic Kariba tilapia are kept frozen in cold rooms before distribution. Orders of fish are packed between layers of ice and transported by road. For long distances, refrigerated trucks are used. Yalelo fish is reared naturally and healthily and is ideal for shops, supermarkets, hotels, and lodges.
Freddy Hirsch image
Freddy Hirsch
Processing, Distribution & Packaging
With a huge fleet of trucks, Freddy Hirsch can deliver their range of industrial spices, sausage casings, butchery equipment and packaging materials to your facility. Let them take the responsibility to supply your ingredients while you concentrate on production.
260 Brands  image
260 Brands
Nourishing the Nation
260 Brands are processors of a wide range of highly nutritious maize and soya based consumer food products including soya pieces, instant thobwa, high energy protein supplement as well as corn puffs. The company is well positioned to provide its products to retail and wholesale customers.
Kuleni Supergold Ltd image
Kuleni Supergold Ltd
Processing and Distribution
Kuleni Supergold works with commercial retailers, supplying them with high quality and dependable food and drink brands. Their experience means you can depend on their supply chain, helping to ensure consistent stock and diverse product ranges for your retail outlets.
Majoru Investments Ltd image
Majoru Investments Ltd
Processing and Distribution
Majoru is one of the industry leaders in the meat processing and distribution sector. Their fleet of refrigerated trucks guarantees a cold chain distribution system from their factory to their customer's premises. The company's portfolio of clients includes restaurants, hotels, lodges, embassies, corporate canteens, and schools.
Chemsol Ltd image
Chemsol Ltd
Food processing and water treatment chemicals
For many years, this company has been distributing a selection of high-performance chemicals to the food processing and water treatment industry. A highly trained team is on hand to recommend the best solutions to each customer’s unique operations. Chemsol’s commitment to providing quality products makes it the smart choice!
Aqua Plus image
Aqua Plus
Processing and Distribution
Aqua Plus mineral water is available in 500ml or 750ml bottles and 20l containers. The company provides delivery services within the country. Their mineral water is guaranteed smell-free, with no aftertaste. Bottles are manufactured by Gulriz, undergoing strict quality control to ensure water stored in them is 100% safe for human consumption.
Processing and Distribution
How is honey processed in steps? It is prepared by removing the wax capping's of the honeycomb using a long sharp knife that has been heated by standing it in warm water. (unsealed combs containing unripe honey should not be used). The honeycombs are then broken into pieces and the honey is strained to remove wax and other debris.
Shriman Zambia Ltd
Processing and Distribution
Shriman Zambia distributes a variety of fast moving consumer products - toiletries, detergents, shampoos, processed foods, soft drinks, household accessories and electronic equipment like music systems and mobile phones. This company invites both wholesalers and retailers to use their strong nationwide distribution network.
Lake Harvest Zambia Ltd
Processing and Distribution
Lusaka +13
Whether you need fresh fish or frozen fish with bespoke filleting and preparation, Lake Harvest supplies quality tilapia fish with no additives, preservatives, GMO food or added antibiotics. The company is equipped with the latest technology in order to ensure freshness of the raw material and the superior quality of the products.
Jamas Milling Company Ltd
Maize milling
Jamas Milling Company specialises in the production and distribution of high quality maize meal including breakfast and roller maize meal. Products are packed in various sizes to suit customer preference. The company produces the mealie meal under the strict guidance of the Zambia Bureau of Standards.
Yamene Naks Investments Ltd
Corn puff processing
Yamene Naks Investments is one of the prominent producers of tasty corn naks and puffs in Zambia. Their snacks come in a number of flavours that include cheese, fruit chutney, chicken, tomato and BBQ beef. Yamene Naks Investments uses state of the art machinery that uses revolutionary technology, their snacks are baked and not fried.
Zambeef Products Plc
Processing and Distribution
Zambeef processes and distributes a wide selection of high-quality beef, pork, chicken and fish. The company has a number of state-of-the-art abattoirs jotted around the country. With updated packaging equipment, all products offered by this company are excellently packed, giving them a longer shelf life.
Venture Marketing
Products supply
Ndola +2
Venture Marketing supplies various goods including bottled water, food stuffs, stationery, office furniture, uniforms and protective clothing, medical equipment, electrical and general hardware, computer accessories, cleaning materials and chemicals. All products are sourced from reputable companies and distributors.
One Banja Co. Ltd
Processing and Distribution
One Banja produces and supplies locally processed organic food that meets the requirements of households, chain stores and food processors. The company packages millet and cassava meal in 2.5kg and 2kg, pounded groundnuts in 400g plastic bags and 1kg table salt and supplies to chain stores and local supermarkets.
Food Plus Zambia Ltd
Processing and Distribution
Food Plus Zambia produces, processes, packages, brands and distributes tasty organic smoked fish products. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for producing some of the finest products. With a natural flavour and texture, blended with careful curing, Food Plus Zambia processes the best smoked fish products.
Tolp Enterprises Ltd
Processing and Distribution
Tolp Aqua mineral water is presented in 500ml and 750ml plastic bottles with tamper-proof lids, and in 20l refills for water coolers and water dispensers. The company is constantly modernising its plant by installing new equipment, thus continuously improving the quality of the end product.
Kango Fisheries & Seafood
Processing and Distribution
Fish is sourced from reputable fishing camps based along rivers and lakes such as the kafue river, lake kariba, lake tanganyika, lake mweru and lake Itezhi-tezhi. Great emphasis is placed on quality, freshness and selection so they make every effort to source only the best fish and to deliver the freshest stock.
Metmin Ltd
Health drinks
Metmin supplies Tangawizi, a revitalising and restorative ginger cocktail. The company also distributes the Revin natural range of health drinks which come in three types namely, aloe vera and grape, moringa and power SX. All drinks distributed by Metmin are certified by the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS).
Lynx Zambia Ltd
Processing and Distribution
The Lynx range of fruit squashes and syrups come in the larger economy bottles (a minimum of 2 litres). Only the 'ready to drink' raspberry juice comes in the smaller size of 350 ml. Most major supermarkets and retail outlets stock Lynx products, with guava juice proving to be the most popular.

Food processing

With vast tracts of fertile land, excellent rainfall and large rivers, Zambia has the potential to become the bread basket of Africa, with agriculture as a major export industry. Food processing in turn can add value to farm produce, and utilise surplus fresh produce which might otherwise go to waste. But currently food processing as a commercial activity is in its infancy here.
All companies in the food industry have an obligation to produce and serve food that is nourishing and free of germs. Food safety and standards relate to laws and recommendations that aim to preserve the nutrition in food and lower the incidence of foodborne illness or injury. It refers to routines in the preparation, handling and storage of food, covering procedures such as sanitation and hygiene, avoidance of cross-contamination, cooking to the right temperature, and refrigeration as required.
Food grade chemicals are used in the production of food for things like colouring and flavours. Companies in this section supply food grade chemicals to the food industry and manufacturers of food products in Zambia. There is a wide range of food grade chemicals; Find companies that adhere to the most exacting standards of the foods chemical industry. From kosher chemical ingredients to heart healthy chemical ingredients, hundreds of grade chemical ingredients are manufactured, packaged and stored to help you get your products to market safer and sooner.
These companies process food products in Zambia. They process harvested or slaughtered farm produce to create marketable and edible products. Also listed are businesses that distribute food products, connecting suppliers and manufacturers to retailers and end consumers. Before reaching your plate, foods are transported, processed and distributed. This affects food safety, food access and food security, and the viability of local and regional food supplies in Zambia. A successful food system not only produces healthful food, but is also structured so that this food is accessible to everyone. A sustainable food system requires robust networks of local and regional food production and distribution.

Food processing in Zambia

Most people use the term 'food processing' to refer to the production of packaged foods. And safety is a major concern because packaged food can be easily contaminated causing widespread illness.

But technically any transformation of raw ingredients into a new product is a form of food processing. These activities can range from cooking, canning, drying, freezing, grilling, smoking, pasteurising and liquefaction, to pickling and fermentation. They also include the adding of ingredients to food in order to extend shelf life, enhance the flavour and/or add colour.

Traditional Zambian food processing includes the smoking of fish, the drying of vegetables and mushrooms, and the fermenting of maize and other cereals to make different beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, such as kachasu and chibwantu.

In rural areas of Zambia, people can enjoy the health benefits of eating 'fresh from the field'. But in urban areas it is not really possible to avoid processed foods.

Food preservation

By preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms, a food preservation process will stop, or slow down, spoilage of food, loss of food quality, and edibility of food.

Why is food processed?

Food processing has certain objectives, including:

  • Preserving the nutrient quality of the food
  • Boosting shelf life
  • Making food safe for consumption by removing natural toxins
  • Preventing food-contamination
  • Easing the challenge of storage, transportation and distribution of fresh food produce
  • Turning raw food materials into attractive, marketable products
  • Providing employment opportunities

Without food processing, a percentage of fresh agricultural produce will spoil between harvest and consumption. This may be due to inadequate storage facilities, which allow micro-organisms or pests to contaminate or destroy the stored food. To mitigate this, companies have been set up to manufacture and supply a variety of processed foods in Zambia.

As Infobwana, we have profiled a good number of manufacturers and distributors of processed food in this section of our website.